Payment and distribution services

Online payments:
1. Alipay: You need to register for Alipay account to use.
2, TenPay: you can use the QQ number.
3, UnionPay payment: open online banking can be used.

Alipay account (check name:  黄步艳)

How to judge whether online payment is successful?
After you complete the online online payment process, the system should prompt the payment success; if the system does not prompt the payment to fail or succeed, you can check the bank card balance by phone, ATM, counter or online banking, etc., if the payment has been deducted , indicating that you have paid successfully.

What are the reasons for the payment being rejected?
1. The online card payment function has not been opened for the bank card held;
2. The bank card held has expired, is invalid, and reported loss;
3. The balance in the bank card held is insufficient;
4. Enter the bank card number or password does not match;
5, the input certificate number does not match;
6. The data transmission of the banking system is different;
7, the network is interrupted.

Account Name: Huang Buyan account: 480658194314

Bank transfer:

Bank: Bank of China Suzhou Huangqiao Sub-branch
Account Name: Huang Buyan
Card number: 621 6686 1010 0010 5117
Bank: China Merchants Bank Suzhou Zhongxin Sub-branch
Account Name: Huang Buyan
Card number: 6214 8651 2769 8889

Delivery note:

Shipping fees
You are responsible for purchasing all the items at Denise.

Courier company
The company defaults to send SF Express. If you have other needs, please contact us for instructions.

Delivery Time
The delivery time of each courier company is different. Please refer to the following express company details table.
Courier company delivery time customer service phone
Home delivery 2-4 days 400-6789-000
EMS 3-5 days 11185
Yuantong 3-5 days 021-69777888
Zhongtong 3-5 days 021-39777777
SF 1-3 days 4008111111

Delivery delay: In case of national legal holidays or abnormal weather conditions, order delivery may be delayed. Please contact the courier company for enquiry.