Privacy policy

1. The main purpose of collecting information
Denise (Suzhou) Culture Development Co., Ltd. collects and uses the user’s personal information for the following related purposes:  Denise (Suzhou) Culture Development Co., Ltd. daily business activities, member account and file management, research and development, advertising, marketing, public relations and market Sales (including resale), communication of news and information, identification, order processing, provision of goods, services, benefits, offers and promotions for specific needs, fundraising, information and database management, or related to the above matters Other purposes use the user’s personal information.

2. Information retention
Denise (Suzhou) Culture Development Co., Ltd. will retain the user’s personal information for a certain period of time, and the termination of the retention period depends on the realization of the purpose of the information.

3. Third party website
This website may contain links to other websites from time to time, and Denise (Suzhou) Cultural Development Co., Ltd. cannot control the personal information (if any) submitted by users to such other websites. This Privacy Policy Statement applies only to this website and users should read the privacy policies of such third party websites before submitting their personal information to third party websites.

4. Service provider
 Denise (Suzhou) Culture Development Co., Ltd. may provide the user’s personal information as other individuals or companies (“Service Providers”) served by Denise (Suzhou) Culture Development Co., Ltd. In this case, the Service Provider shall use the User’s personal information in accordance with the agreement signed with  Denise (Suzhou) Cultural Development Co., Ltd. and this Privacy Policy Statement.

Applicable law
This website is operated by Denise (Suzhou) Culture Development Co., Ltd. Any interpretation of the above terms or disputes related to this website shall be governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China. In case of dispute, the people’s court of the residence of  Denise (Suzhou) Culture Development Co., Ltd. decides.