Will my gown be exactly the same as the look book or the sample?
Because there are a lot of manual work in the wedding dress making process, we cannot guarantee 100% the same. Usually 3% differences are allowed in the production.
Can I see more pictures of the gowns I am interested in?
We display one picture for each design and please ask your consultant if you have any questions.
Can I customize my wedding gown? Example: Change colors?
Depending on the designs, customizations are available for an additional fee.
How long does it take to customize my wedding gown?
The production period will be 2-6 months according to your expecting date. A certain amount of urgent fee will be charged for urgent services.
Can I order according to my own drawing or sample?
We have the capacity to design a new gown depending on your wish. However we hope our designs to be favored by you.
Can I have a list of all the designs?
Since there are hundreds of designs, we would recommend you to contact the consultant directly for more information and details about the styles you prefer.
It is my first time to make an appointment of wedding gown customization, where should I start?
a. Set a date for your wedding
b. Do a little research on the styles
c. Arrange your time
d. Listen to professional advice
e. Do the fitting