Brand Overview

As a water-bound town, Suzhou is delicate and exquisite in nature. A group of craftsmen who make a living in this city internalized the unique quality and character of Suzhou as their own. In 2006, a gentle and fashionable kingdom that this group of artisans dedicated to, Suzhou Denise Wedding Dress Co., Ltd. was born in Suzhou.

As a high-end wedding gown custom company integrating design, production and sales, Denise has an independent design and production team. With the top research and development team, continuous innovative ideas in branding and strong resources, Denise is committed to the dissemination of wedding gown culture.

At present, Denise has more than 800 firm partners, covering more than 150 cities across the country. It starts its international market with the operation based on brand strategy, so as to step forward to an iconic and international brand and become a powerful driving force in the industry.

Brand Founder-Huang Buyan

She has served as the president of China Wedding Dress Industry Association and won the Special Contribution Award of China Wedding Dress, the Gold Medal of China International Patent and Brand Expo, the top ten gold brands of China’s wedding dress and the top ten image awards of Chinese wedding dresses.

In 2012, the concept of 360-degree all-round dress customization was developed. As perpetual motion that steered the giant ship Denise to cross the small bridge in Suzhou, rush out of the country to the wider world of wedding gowns.

Brand Culture

All things imbued with life and spirit. If you treat them with love (love of beauty, love for yourself and the others), you can be loved.

Dan: means "red." In Chinese traditional culture, the bride’s wedding dress is red.

Ni: refers to the "little girl". We are used to calling the pretty little girl "Ni".

Si: means beauty should be like this, mysterious, lovely and adorable.

When she appears in the red wedding dress, she looks gentle, kind and brave, just like how she was when she was a little girl. This is her most beautiful moment.